Congratulations, you are in love and ready to move to the next stage of life together with your other half.

A wedding is the happiest moment for both of you, you will definitely hope to have a grand wedding.

It is also time for you to search for a wedding planner that can help you to create a special wedding for both of you to remember for a lifetime.

Besides that, you will definitely hope to capture the sweetest moments that happen during the actual day wedding by hiring a wedding photographer.

But are you aware of the Copyright Act for wedding photography in Singapore?

Do you know that the Copyright Act is going to change soon?

Let us take a look at what is the current copyright act in Singapore and what are the changes that you should take note of.


Current Copyright Act


The current Copyright Act state that the commissioning party or employer has default ownership.

This means that the newlyweds who engage a wedding photographer to take photos for their wedding day currently own the rights to the photos by default.

However, this Copyright Act is going to change soon as reported on Sep 13th by the Straits Times.

You can read the full news report here: Rights to wedding photos will belong to photographers by default with Copyright Act changes


New Copyright Act


The changes to the new Copyright Act will put the creators in the same position as the originators of other commissioned works such as songs, computer graphics etc.

The Copyright Act change is part of a move that will allow creators of photographs, portraits, engravings, sound recordings and films to be the default first owners of the copyright.

The changes mean that the wedding photographer will have the rights to your wedding photos instead.

You will have to negotiate with the photographer if you would like to have the rights to be transferred to you.

The change is expected to kick in around November 2021 after amendments to the Copyright Act were passed in Parliament on Monday (Sept 13).

It follows from a wide-ranging review of the legislation done by the Government that included public consultations since 2016.

We hope the above information can help you in better understanding the Copyright Act for Wedding Photography in Singapore.

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